Alcohol Types


Foster's Lager Foster's is a world famous lager. Explore it's history and exactly why it is so popular.

Castle Lager Castle lager is South Africa's premium beer. Discover it's full history and it's current brewing details.

Tennent's Lager Discover the traditional Scottish lager Tennent's. Contains lots of detailed brewing and taste information.

Tuborg Lager Tuborg lager is a traditional beer that originates from Denmark. Discover it's history and brewing details.


Pousse Cafe Pousse Cafe is simply another term for layered drinks. Explore how Pousse Cafe drinks are created and discover some popular recipes.

History Of Cocktails The glamorous history of one of our most loved beverages - The Cocktail. Discover the fantastic world of mixed drinks.

Where Does Vodka Come From? Find out where Vodka first originated from, including a brief history of how Vodka is made and why it is such a popular spirit.

Drink Mixology Introducing the Art of Mixology, featuring a mixed drink recipe and much more related information.


Examples Of Dry White Wines In depth look at some examples of famous dry white wines from around the world. Concentrating on French and German wines.

Drinking A Glass Of Wine A Day The effects that drinking a glass of wine everyday has on your body in the long and short terms. Alcohol information guide.

Red Wine Storage Temperature Comprehensive temperature guide to storing red wine in the home. Including appropriate temperature levels.

Types Of Fruity Red Wine Descriptions of various popular styles of fruity and sweet red wines ready for your consumption.