Rating Views
Jager Bomb8.3522223
Brain Damage7.1732203
Duck Fart7.0023191
Banana Cream Sunday6.9211936
Swedish Berry6.7826774
The Berry Bomber6.6012304
Girl Scout Cookie6.2012310
Chocolate Heaven6.1211788
Tequila Slammer6.0010543
China White5.8012741
Berry Kiss5.7812543
Melon Ball5.6712692
Apple Sourz5.6719907
Copper Camel5.6010705
Scooby Snack5.6016952
Fobblie Wobblie5.508626
Womans Revenge5.2513104
Finnish Breakfast5.1711675
Pink Lemonade5.1710538
Yeast Infection4.8018937
Jim Dandy4.6012886
Lemon Drop4.2011397
The McGriddle4.1440836
Purple Hooter3.4012764

A Bit About Shot's

Shots are roughly one to four ounces of any alcoholic beverage. Though this can include wine or beer, the idea of the “shot” usually refers to liquor or spirits. These alcohol shots may be mixed with different alcohols or simply an ounce of one strong type of alcohol, but either way they are usually served in a shot glass and meant to be swallowed as quickly as possible.

Alcohol shots are best known for their unique names. A “Duck Fart,” for instance, is made from ¾ oz of Kahlua, ¾ oz of Bailey’s Irish Cream and ¾ oz of Canadian Whisky, all served in the same glass.

Shooters have evolved over time to include other shapes and sizes as well. The “bomb glass” is a glass that is essentially a double shot, where the bottom (or side) is some type of beverage, and the middle is a shot, usually reserved for the harder of the two alcohols. A “Jager Bomb” is a shot that is served in one of these glasses, where the outside of the shot glass is Red Bull, and the inside of the shot glass is Jagermeister.

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