Sometimes you want to buy a cider drink, sometimes you just want to make your own.Over the years you may have had plenty of thoughts about your ability to make a better cider than the ones you have had to drink, but maybe you didn't know how to go about it.

Well, what you need to start is a cider press kit. Depending on your level of handy-man status you can build your own cider press kit, or search around and purchase one. To build your own you will have to find instructions, which can be found in a number of brewer books and resources. Complete cider press kits are also easy to find online, just type in 'cider press kits' in a search engine and you will get plenty of results.

Once you have decided on buying or making a press, you can get to work.

Apples For Cider

Always remember to wash your fruit first. Then, with a little muscle power, you will be able to see bushels of apples turn into pulp and juice by putting them through the grinder.This is called pomace, and it’s kind of like applesauce.

Next, you have to press the pomace. It will be layered in a series of racks on the press form and pressed to get the juice out.That lovely golden juice pouring out of the pomace is your cider.

Cider press kits don't just work with apples. You can press other types of fruit as well. It just takes some experimentation and creativity.