To play the game you’ll need at least 2 players, an episode of the TV show 24 and as many drinks as required.


All players need to be able to see the TV and need to have their drinks to hand.


Watch the episode and every time one of the scenarios below is seen or heard, take the appropriate number of drinks.

One Drink:

Jack says “Damn it!”

Someone says “Jack”, “Bauer” or “Jack Bauer”

Jack kills someone

The clock is displayed

A double/split screen

There’s a summary of the last few hours

Jack says he “Can’t explain right now”

Two Drinks:

Jack defies orders

Another CTU employee other than Jack kills somebody

A main character dies – take an extra drink if it’s in the last three minutes of the episode

A mole/traitor is revealed

Terri is mentioned (not if the show is from the first series)

Three Drinks

CTU locks down

A supporting character from a different series appears

A CTU employee goes “dark”

Down The Whole Drink:

The main character of the series changes

A plot twist in the middle of the series renders everything Jack’s done so far as useless

The final minute doesn’t include a cliff-hanger


If you’re a die-hard fan of the show, choose an episode that you know will contain a lot of the scenarios depending on how much you want to drink.

You can make up your own scenarios/number of drinks with each episode to make it more interesting.