For this game you'll need a deck of cards and some alcohol.


For this game you will have to play two players at a time.


Firstly get your deck of cards. One person will hold the deck of cards, then have that person pick up a card and show it. Follow on by picking up another card, not allowing the other person to see it.

Say to the person 'higher or lower?' - they must guess whether the card in your hand is higher or lower then the last card put down. So if the first card you put down was a five, and you say to the person higher or lower and they guess that the next card is going to be higher then a five.

If it is higher you keep playing, if it's not higher then a five, then that person has to take a drink.

You keep playing until all the cards are gone. Then move on to the next person if there are any... Have fun!


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