Full deck of cards.


Deal out 5 cards to each player and set the deck in the middle. Don't look at the cards!


After the cards are passed out, the person who goes first flips the top card and then guesses high or low. After the guess is made the player chooses a one of their five cards and flips it over. If the guess is right the player gives out 2 drinks to any player. If the guess is wrong the player has to take 2 drinks. This pattern goes on for the next 4 round. On the last round, the first player will choose high or low but the player will not see the flipped card hence the name blind 10. In this round the player fives or takes 10 drinks. Also if the card is the same as the flipped card the the penalty is double drinks. this applies for all rounds.


If you want to take the game slower. Cut the drinks in half for each round. If they're a bunch of players and there won't be enough cards the flip for 5 rounds then everyone can play off the same card.