People, 1 deck of cards and alcohol (This game is not just for beer drinkers).


There are no special setup instructions for this drinking game.


To start off you place a large glass in the center of the table. then place the cards face down in a ring around the glass.

In this game each card has a value. cards 1-6 are allocate drinks. i.e.: if you pick up a 3 you get to allocate 3 drinks to anyone in the game. you may decide to split it up and allocate 1 drink to 3 people, or you could be mean and give them all to one person!

Card number 7 is a toilet pass. You are not allowed to leave the table without one of these cards (unless to get more alcohol of course!)

Card 8 is 'pass a drink forward'. If you draw this, the person to your right has a drink.

Card 9 is 'pass a drink backwards' If you draw this the person to your left has a drink.

The person who picks up card number 10 gets to make a rule. For example you can only hold your beer with your left hand or you have to cluck like a chicken before you drink. If anyone forgets to apply the rule they have to drink.

The person who flips a Jack over becomes a thumb master. This is a powerful card. The thumb master can place his/her thumb on his forehead at any point during the game. The rest of the group have to follow suit. The last person to put their thumb on their forehead has to drink.

Once the next Jack has been drawn they become the new thumb master. There may be only one thumb master at any time during the game. If you 'fake it' or put your thumb on your forehead first when you are not thumb master and you are caught, then you must drink.

The Queen is the scattergories card. If you flip a queen over, you must choose a topic i.e.: breeds of chickens or brands of beer. You then proceed around the circle naming a 'breed of chicken' or 'type of beer' until someone cant answer. You have 5 seconds to answer. If you cant, you drink.

And lastly, the king. Each time a king is picked, a portion of the holders drink is poured into the glass in the center of the table. The person who draws the last king must contribute to the kitty and then scull the entire glass. The game is over when this glass is finished.


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