You've seen them on the store shelves, and you've probably wondered about the benefits of acrylic drinking glasses.

You may have thought that since they're essentially plastic, people will look at them as if they were lesser glasses and that you are too cheap to buy the real thing. But really think about this. When you are serving up beers or mixed drinks, who really focuses on the glasses they are drinking out of. No one. They are instead focused on what you put in the glass, and that it's something tasty.

Acrylic drinking glasses have come a long way in recent years. Once upon a time, they were cheap looking, and feeling, plastic glasses that you thought would break if someone held them too tight. Not anymore. Today's acrylic drinking glasses are often made much thicker and more substantial. When you hold the glass you know it's in your hand, and it commands a presence.

Acrylic Glass

Another benefit of acrylic drinking glasses is that many of them come with colorful designs or finishes that make them look festive. You can even choose colors that go with the theme of the event you are holding and everyone will be impressed you were forward thinking enough to have glasses just for the occasion.

The final benefit of acrylic drinking glasses is that they don't break easily. Picture this. Someone knocks a drink off the counter. You can almost see the slow motion of the glass falling towards the tile, hitting, and breaking into a million pieces, sending glass all over the room. That won’t happen with acrylic drinking glasses. You will still have to mop up the drink, but then you can just pick up the acrylic drinking glass, instead of crawling around hoping you got all the glass before one of your guests finds a piece.