This game is for two or more players, a pack of cards & access to a drinks cabinet or preferably a bar.


There are no special setup instructions for this game. Just make sure you have the above.


Deal a card to each player in turn. The person who is dealt the 1st ace 'chooses' a drink (pub measure).

Continue dealing the cards face up, the person who gets the 2nd ace 'has to pay for the drink' that was chosen by the first 'ace' player.

Continue dealing, the person who is dealt the 3rd ace 'has to go to the bar and get the drink' - fine if there's not a queue!

The person who is dealt the 4th and obviously the last ace has to down the drink in one, if they fail to do this they must buy EVERYONE in the game a drink, which is a very good incentive to do it. This must obviously be agreed by everyone BEFORE the game begins.

This game is purely a game of luck and chance, not skill. It depends on who is paying and who is drinking, but is normally great fun.


There are no additions for Aces