As the party host, you are always in need of the drink glasses to be able to hand the hoards of people who come through your door to enjoy a fun time. If you always find yourself trying to rinse a few glasses to make sure there are enough for everyone before the evening is over, maybe you should just consider making a purchase of glasses for just this purpose.

Your regular glassware is not meant for the party environment. As people are drinking, laughing and having a good time, things are going to get knocked over. Glassware doesn't do well with this kind of pressure and often ends up cracking and breaking under this kind of strain (or a wayward hand that knocks the glass to the floor).

Acrylic Glass

Instead, you should invest in a set of acrylic beer glasses. These glasses look just as good as any other drink glasses you are going to be serving up, but have the added benefit that they can take being banged and knocked around and stay intact.

Another benefit to acrylic beer glasses is they are going to be substantially less expensive than your nice glassware. That means you will be able to buy more pieces, up front. If you buy in bulk, you will not find yourself worried that you may run out of glasses, as there will be a steady supply at the ready all night long.