You’ll need a deck of cards, at least 2 players, an empty pint glass and drinks.


Everyone sits around the empty glass and the cards are shuffled.


Each player takes it in turns to draw a card. The card picked results in a forfeit, which are as follows:

  • Ace – Waterfall – Everyone has to drink but they can only stop when the person sitting to their right stops first.
  • 2 – You – The person that drew the card picks someone to drink.
  • 3 – Me – The person that drew the card has to drink.
  • 4 – Floor – Everyone has to point/touch the floor and the last person to do so takes a drink.
  • 5 – Guys – All the men drink.
  • 6 – Chicks – All the women drink.
  • 7 – Heaven – Everyone points to the ceiling, with the last person doing so taking a drink.
  • 8 – Date – The person who drew the card picks another player and both have to drink.
  • 9 – Rhyme – The person who drew the card says a short sentence, and everyone has to say something else that rhymes. The first person that can’t rhyme must drink.
  • 10 – Category – The player who drew the card picks a category, and everyone has to say items from it. The first person who makes a mistake has to drink.
  • Jacks – Rule – A new rule has to be thought up for the game.
  • Queen – Questions – The person who drew the card can ask a question at any time.
  • King – Kings Cup – The player adds their drink to the empty pint glass, with the person who draws the fourth King drinking whatever’s in it.


Try to get as many people to play as possible.

The rules of each card can always be changed with each game to make it more interesting and to suit the players.