All that is needed is drink, a pack of cards and a pint glass.


Someone should be nominated the dealer (really doesn't matter who at all) and they will be controlling the game.


The dealer's job is simply to say "Eyes Down" at this point everyone must look down to the table/floor. Then after a couple of seconds say "Eyes Up". At this point everyone playing the game must look at someone else's within the game. If two people meet eye contact (can be more than just one pair) then the dealer takes a card from the top of the deck and deals a card. The card's values are as follows:

  • 2 – The people who met eye contact take 2 sips
  • 3- Same but 3 sips
  • 4 – Floor - Everyone must reach to the floor, last person to touch the floor loses and has to drink
  • 5 – Alive - The only safety card, nothing happens
  • 6 – Mix - This is a mix of everyone’s drink into the pint glass, and the two people who met eye contact must down half each.
  • 7 – Heaven - Same as 4 but reach to the sky
  • 8 – Pick a date - The people that met eye contact choose someone else in the game and link arms and begin drinking till they choose to stop.
  • 9 – To the left of mine - Pass your drink once to the left and drink a fair amount of their drink then pass it back
  • 10 – Men - All men drink
  • Jack – Knock it back - The people that met eye contact must drink half/all a full drink
  • Queen – Be mean - Choose someone to down half/all a full drink
  • King –King of the hill - Both begin downing a full drink last person to finish downing is king of the hill and gets to choose someone to do a shit mix
  • Ace – Waterfall - One of the people who met eye contact will begin (settle this by flip of a coin, highest card, rock paper scissors, anything), once they begin drinking the person to the left beings and so on until back round to the person who began. He can then choose when to stop drinking, and once they've stopped the next person can stop whenever, and so on. Clearly if you're to the right of the first person you're in a bad position.


That's pretty much it, once you have the rules mastered it is a really fun and easy drinking games that’s not to repetitive (recommended just printing the rules to begin with).