This game will require 20 cups and

2 Balls (Ping Pong balls).


You start off the game with 10 cups on each side, set up like a triangle.


1 side starts off by simply either bouncing or tossing the ball toward the cups on the other side. Then the other side does the same. If your side gets the ball in first you start the game. When tossing the ball into the cup your elbow isn't to go over the table or your throw doesn't count!

If the other team gets the ball into your cup and is spinning you can blow on it until it pops out, that's called “Blowing “- (Your choice of words). If the other team get's it into the cup you can use 2 fingers to pop it out, calling this “Fingering”- (Your choice of words).

This is your choice if you would like to do either. The point of the game is getting as many balls into the other team’s cups, until they have none left! Very simple!


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