cans of beer and ping pong balls, it can be played with anything as long as it is in a can


2-8 (at max 10) , 4 on each team, Any more than 4 people per it gets crazy, place however many cans as players on opposite ends of the table, each player will play with the beer in front of him


One at a time a player will throw a ball at an opposing player's can, If he misses nothing happens.

If he hits, the player who hit the opposing can will drink until the opposing player, whose can was hit, puts the ball on his can and say /yell stop. The player will stop drinking and the next player on his team will go, as soon as the player says stop the next ball can be thrown. IMPORTANT: THE PLAYER WHO THREW THE BALL WILL DRINK, NOT THE ONE WHO HAD HIS CAN HIT. First team done with all cans wins.

Remember one at a time.

Anyone can retrieve a ball and place it upon the can that was hit. However, the player who owns the can that got hit must either have the ball in their hand or have their hand on top of the hand of the person holding the ball when they say stop.

If the ball is in an unreachable place, throw your hands up and say stop. Once this happens, the player who was drinking and forced to stop is allowed to drink for 3 seconds and only one other person, who is not a member of the drinking players team, will count for them. If you or someone on your team accidentally drinks proper count will be given to the can. For example, if a player illegally drinks for 2 seconds, a player on the opposing team will drink for 2 seconds to make up for the lost beer. Also, if you or a player on your team knocks-over one of your other member/s beer/s a new beer must be gotten regardless of how long it was on the table. IT MUST HIT THE TABLE THOUGH, a player can save a can on this occasion only. If a player accidentally knocks over an opponents beer, the opposition must get the can upright in a reasonable time (as to not let the beer all run out) it is deemed a gift, the beer in question is not considered to be a knock-over and no new beer needs to be retrieved.

The game works best with 8 players total with 4 on each team, 2 people playing the "wings" and 2 in the middle. The outside people should be relatively athletic because they will retrieve the most balls, it's also good to put new people in the middle so they get a feel for the game.


Now you'll get to a point where your can could be knocked over by a ball, if it is knocked over it's over you cannot save it. Even if no beer is spilt out of a knocked over can, the can is still considered to be knocked over. I've seen full beers get knocked over. You must finish that beer and go get a new one. When you finish (beer is empty) you must turn the beer over if too much beer comes out (purely discretionary and foam counts), you must finish that beer and get a new one. Try and set rules out to minimize yelling matches when it gets heated and it will. The can still has to be "stopped." NOTE: You cannot put your beer down and let go of it and then decide you want to turn it over. The decision must be made before you put your beer down. You lay it, you play it. Also, you may not look into your can before turning it over. You may also not allow anyone else to look in your can. Your decision to turn the can over is purely on "feel." There is no elbow