When planning for a girl’s night out, either for a bachelorette party or to simply get away from the guys for one crazy afternoon, coming up with some good party ideas is the best way to keep the evening from getting dull.

But these ideas can’t simply be themes, like a Hawaiian themed party or a costume party – these ideas have to be sexy and fun, as crazy as you can get them, since the goal of the night is to have such a good time, you forget half of what you did.

In order to do this, you need to ensure that everything you plan allows for the fun to take place. Here are a few hen party ideas for you to entertain, or use as a basis to ignite your own imagination.

Ideas For a Hen Party

  • The Sexy Scavenger Hunt – We’ve all been on scavenger hunts, but rarely have we been on scavenger hunts that are not about clues but about goals, and choosing the winner is not based on who gets to the end first, but who can document all the activities. Rarely do scavenger hunts involve photo proof, but in the sexy scavenger hunt, that’s how you decide the winner. “Kiss a guy with a lime green shirt” would be part of the hunt, and to win the hunt, you need to catch it on camera. Break off the girls into teams, have them each bring a digital camera and let them loose.
  • The Numbers Game – Make it a challenge to see who can get the most phone numbers by the end of the night. Teams acceptable.
  • The “No Regrets” List – Since the goal of most hen parties should be to focus the bachelorette, one possible idea is to have the future bride make a list of all the actions with men or types of men she never had a chance to do. For example, tongue kiss a bald man or caress the chest of an unusually short male – whatever she can think of that she can do but never did (without risking diseases). After she has completed this list it will be your job as her girls to help her check off as many as she can by the end of the night, so that the next morning (if she remembers it) there will be no type of man she can say she never had a chance to “be with” in some form or another. Obvious restrictions apply.
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If girls night out was every night, life would probably be a lot more exciting, but since it is not it is best to enjoy them while you can and plan out one crazy night.