• 2 bottles of Red Wine
  • 2 measures of Brandy
  • 4 tablespoons of Sugar
  • Splash of Ginger Ale
  • Juice of Lemon
  • Juice of Orange
  • Garnish of Lemon, Lime And Orange Slices


Sangria is a popular drink that originated in Spain and is now regularly served at parties. It’s basically a red wine-based punch that’s flavoured with brandy and fruit, although its quantities and ingredients can always be altered to make it more or less alcoholic.

Sangria punch was first introduced in 1964 at the World’s Fair and has grown in popularity ever since. It’s a great addition to any party and, thanks to the huge range of variations and flavours that can be added there’s bound to be a Sangria punch to appeal to all tastes. But, to try the traditional Sangria punch out, just follow the recipe below.

Before you make the punch it’s worth chilling all the ingredients overnight first to make sure the punch will be at its best, but if you can’t then make sure to serve with plenty of ice instead.

On the day of the party simply put all of the ingredients into a pitcher or punch bowl and mix together thoroughly. Add the sugar and toss in the fruit wedges to add extra flavour, and serve. This recipe will allow for around 24 servings, but you can of course alter the quantities according to how many people you need to serve.

This is just the basic Sangria punch recipe, and is sure to go down a treat at any party it’s served at. However, as with most cocktails, there are a whole range of variations and a number of other ingredients and flavours that can be added to make it unique.

For example, you might want to add gin, rum or curacao, or indeed any other ingredient that you want according to your own personal taste. You can alter the quantities of wine and soda to make it more or less alcoholic, and you can try adding different fruits such as strawberries or kiwis for an even more unique flavour.

Ultimately, the perfect Sangria punch comes down to personal taste and preferences, so it’s worth trying out a few variations to find the perfect one for you. It’s great for its social aspect as it allows people to congregate around the pitcher or punch bowl, and no matter what version you choose it’s sure to go down great at any party.