The Cocktail Dress is one of the most popular types of dresses for any semi-formal occasion. They are worn out to clubs and dances, bars and wedding parties, and are often considered the outfit of choice for many parties and celebrations.

One of the most appealing parts of the cocktail dress is that it is generally casual and sexy, while still maintaining a degree of elegance. The right kind of cocktail dress patterns are necessary to ensure you that the only reason you stand out is a flattering one.

Cocktail Dress Patterns

One of the most common cocktail dress patterns is the standard black. Cocktail party dresses were the origin of the “Little Black Dress” and for good reason, as black dresses are the epitome of style, elegance and sexiness.

But for those that are looking to diverge from the little black dress, one of the popular patterns is the layered dress. It is a single base color, with layered tones from darker to lighter leading down towards the knees.

Black Cocktail Dress

Another popular style comes straight from the 70’s. It involves print dresses, usually of either earthier tones, oranges or browns, that are made up of decorative lines (such as chains or flowers). These are not right for every occasion but are still popular for parties and less formal gatherings.

Some patterns are really just variations of more formal wear made to look slightly more casual. White cocktail party dresses are becoming very common, except unlike many of the formal gowns, these dresses are tight fitting and contain low cut tops.

Sequins should generally be avoided, but some black dresses can pull of sequins across the top, provided they remain thin and frillier at the bottom.

Choosing the right cocktail dress patterns is more of an art form than a science. The key is to search for patterns that are flattering to your body while still maintaining their professional yet casual appearance.