You're in charge of planning the fun for a hen night party. While you know there should be crazy costumes and drinks involved, you are stuck on coming up with fun games to keep everyone having a good time, all night long.

Condom Cunning

Give each girl at the party a condom. Then pull out a zucchini, banana, or other phallic shaped fruit or vegetable. The object of the game is to put the condom on the fruit or vegetable using only your mouth. Whoever can should get a naughty prize.

Treasure Hunt

If all the girls for the hen party are staying at a hotel near the wedding venue, this may be a fun nighttime event. Make a list of things for the girls to look for (i.e. best looking man around, adult toy, men's underwear, phallic shaped item) and give them 10 minutes to find something from the list and return it to the room. Bonus points if they can get more than one.

If you're at a party where there are men around, try these two games out.

Hen Night Girls

Balloon Pass

Form two lines, preferably boy, girl, boy, girl. At one end of the line the players are given a long balloon that has been blown up. It is placed between their knees. They must now pass the balloon on to the next player, using only their knees and thighs (hands on your head). The first one to make it down the line, without popping it, wins.

Matchbox Puck

Line the players up so there is a man and woman on each team. One player on each team gets a piece of rope with a potato on the bottom that they will tie around their waist. The potato should be barely touching the ground when their legs are slightly spread. In front of the potato are a matchbox and their partner, with legs also spread. The goal is to be able to use the swaying of the hips to cause the potato to hit the matchbox and send it through their partner's legs.