Some beer and people that are able to count.


First of all, decide what the penalty for losing is. Yes, this means deciding your drink.


The game starts with someone saying ‘one’. This continues clockwise with someone saying ‘two’, ‘three’ This carries on until you get to a multiple of seven where instead of saying ‘seven’, you instead say ‘buzz’. Play switches direction until the next ‘buzz’. To make things more complicated, on every multiple of five, or a number with five in it i.e. 57, you say ‘fuzz’ but you do not switch direction. If a number has both and 7 in it, you must say ‘buzz fuzz’. If a player messes up, you must down the penalty! Play resumes from the number the mess up was made on.


Just learn your times tables, that normally helps with this… Also, the more drunk you are, the worse you play and the more you drink. It’s an obvious cycle.