To play the Jenga drinking game you’ll need a game of Jenga, or any generic equivalent, at least two players (the more the better), a pen or pencil and any number of drinks you want.


Before you play the game, mark several of the Jenga pieces with numbers to signify one of the following:

1 – Take a drink, 2 – Take two drinks, 3 – Pick someone else to take a drink,4 – Pick someone else to take two drinks, 5 – Finish your drink, 6 – All girls take one drink, 7 – All guys take one drink


To play simply follow the usual rules of Jenga. Whenever someone takes out a wooden block, they have to fulfil the forfeit of the number written on it. If the tower falls over then the player has to down their drink in one.


It might be worth practicing the game in advance, and you can increase or decrease the number of blocks with numbers on depending on how much you and your friends want to drink.

You can always make up your own forfeits to write on the blocks, allowing you to tailor the game to your own specifications. Or, if you don’t want to write anything on the blocks there’s another variation. You can play