Dice, People, Beer


Sit in a circle with 2 dice and your selected drink.


Dice values is as follows

2,1 is mexican. Highest roll makes loser drink extra 1/4 vessel.

Highest dice is in the 10's and the lowest is in the 1's (eg. 4 and 1 is a 41, 6 and 2 is a 62).

Doubles are in 100's (eg. 1 and 1 is a 100, 4 and 4 is 400).

3,1 is scum. It's lowest roll mean drink and complete reroll. counts as a roll.

Game starts with the first roller rolling both dice at the same time. He/She then has up to 3 rolls(total). To get the highest, he can by rolling both dice together or just selecting one and rerolling it (excludes rolling 31. must reroll both).

Once he has decided to stop the passes dice on to next person they then have the same amount of rolls to beat the highest roll.

The loser must drink 1/4 vessel then another 1/4 for every Mexican that has been rolled he/she then starts the next round.

If it comes down to a tie sort if out yourself. Rock Paper Scissors, highest roll, jello wrestle etc etc


Additional Rules: If you pass the dice directly into someone's hand they have to drink(large mouthful) for each die that lands in there hand. If a die falls off the table then the person who knocked it off must drink for each die off the table. Shouting MEXICAN whenever a Mexican has been rolled, this up's the tempo and makes for a more enjoyable game.