Drinking beverages for each person. Beers preferably.


Everyone sat down in a circle with your drink in hand.


Everyone must sit in a circle so they are ready to play. Firstly someone starts, They start of by saying number one and crossing there right or left arm over to the opposite shoulder and shouting 1. depending on which shoulder they touch determines which direction the game goes round. This carries on to the next person then they shout 2 and it keeps going until you get to number 7. On number 7 you must place one hand over another forming a = sign. Depending on which way your top hand is pointing determines which way you go round. You cannot say 7, you just place your hands on top of one another. this then carries on again till you get to number 10 where you must point at someone in the circle and say "get drunk". You must bend your finger when you point. If you do not bend your finger then you must drink 3 fingers of your beer. The punishments to this game are as follows:

Mess up before you get to number 7 - 1 finger.

Mess up at number 7 or before number 10 - 2 fingers.

Pointing at someone and messing up 3 fingers.

If you get pointed at you must drink 3 fingers of your drink also.


There are no additions for One To Ten.