1 x Deck of Cards. 1 x Suitable location Lots and Lots of Beverage. Nicknames for all people playing


Make sure you have plenty of alcohol close by. Place the cards face down in the middle of the group and cut the pack to see who starts. Highest Card (Ace) begins.


Play starts when the first person takes the first card. They show it to the rest of the group and carry out the actions designated to the card. Once this is done and the cards purpose has been fulfilled then its on to the next person and so on. Play moves round clockwise.

Cards: 2-6 (Black) Imbibe that amount of fingers; 2-6 (Red) Nominate that amount to one person (no splitting);

7 is a game of 7's. The person who draws the card starts by saying 1, then it moves round the circle (clockwise) in ascending order. When you come to a multiple of 7 or number with 7 in it you do not say it, but continue the order of ascendancy as before. The person who loses is the person who hesitates/makes a mistake. The penalty is 2 fingers of beverage.

8 is the toilet card. You cannot go to the toilet without an 8, and if you do go, there is an automatic penalty which is agreed by the rest of the group (Generally 2 shots).

9 means names and types. This involves the person who turned over the card saying a name of a something, and asking people to list (clockwise) types of that nominated thing. E.g. Names and type of english Ale, or Names and types of Countries with their capitals/currencies. The person to make a mistake has to have a two finger penalty of their beverage.

10 is the 'i have never card'. The person who draws the card says 'i have never', followed by something they havent done, but others round the table have. The more people the better, but sometimes to embarrass one person is good. Whoever has done that thing has to imbibe 2 fingers of beverage.

Jack is a question card. As ever the card is shown to the other people playing the game. The idea for the person who has the question card is to catch out someone round the table. If they ask a question and the person answers as normal (anything other than f*ck off), the asker can impose a 2 finger imblification penalty. If the person who answers the question, answers with f*ck off (SEE INTERNATIONAL DRINKING RULES), then they can demand a 2 finger imblification penalty from the person who asked the question. (NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY VALID FOR ONE QUESTION AND IT DOESNT MATTER IF A QUESTION IS ASKED INADVERTANTLY). The card can last for 30mins or 30secs depending on how clever the person who has the card is.

Queen is a toast to the Queen. For the first 3 queens out of the pack it is general clinkage. For the final one, players must sing the national anthem (AND MEAN IT!!!). Each time followed by a 2 finger swig.

King is a dirty pint/drink. The first 3 people to receive the card, fill the chosen consumption device up a third and then the person who draws the final king has to imbibe the whole amount in the glass.

Ace is a waterfall card (Mass downing). Everyone starts consuming at the same time, but only when the person who drew the Ace can the person to the left of him stop, and so on etc...The idea is to screw the person at the end of the circle (to the right of the first person).

Once all the cards have been turned over, shuffle them and turn the cards over and start again if you so dare. (NOTE: TOILET CARDS ARE NOT RESET AFTER THE END OF THE PACK - IF PEOPLE USE THE TOILET WITHOUT A TOILET CARD DURING THE BREAK ALL PENALTIES STILL APPLY).


Gentlemans Rules and international drinking rules apply from when the first card is turned. Gentlemans and International Drinking Rules: 1. No swearing apart from B*tch or B*stard. The only time you can swear is when someone challanges a question card and say f*ck off. 2. You cannot use the words Drink and Beer. Subsitutes are beverage, imbibe, consume etc... 3. Nicknames apply.