• 2 oz of Whisky
  • 1 part of Lemon
  • 1/2 tsp of Sugar
  • Garnish of Cherry
  • Slice of Orange
  • 1 part of Ice


To create the Whisky Sour, you’ll firstly need all of the ingredients listed above and a suitable cocktail shaker. Start by adding the blended whisky, lemon juice and powdered sugar with some ice into the cocktail shaker before straining the contents into a suitable Whisky Sour glass. Add your cherry into the mix, as well as adding your slice of orange to decorate the glass.

This is a drink that you’re sure to love. It’s very refreshing and can be enjoyed all year round – but is extra special in the summer months when the weather is hot. This is a cocktail that can be modified easily but still preserving that unique taste. This cocktail also works well with a lemon slice garnish instead of orange, so give it a try!