Enjoy a little bubbly on a regular basis? You need a place to store that champagne so it's close at hand when you want to pop a top off and celebrate. What good is having champagne if you can't find it? And if you have it, why would you want to hide it? You would want it out where everyone can see it and think that you must be a person that has a lot of reason to celebrate.

Of course you will want to have chilled the bottle you are going to serve, but you never know how many you will go through in a night of revelry, so why not have some extras on hand that can be put on ice, if needed.

Wine Stand

From single holders to two or three level racks that can hold up to 12 bottles of champagne, champagne racks can suit every taste and need. If you just want a place to show off the champagne, you may want to stick with a more understated rack that lets the bottle do the talking. If you really want to draw attention to it, there are a number of racks that stand out and make people take a closer look, also seeing what kind of champagne you have stored here.

Looking for a little fun? There are also many themed champagne racks from ones that look like a construction worker is walking along, carrying the bottle, to a pirate at a cannon where the champagne bottle is the cannonball.