Bar stools come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the bar stools purpose, there is a shape or style designed specifically to best match its use.

There are several styles of bar stools

  • Chair-like Bar Stools
  • Swivel Stools
  • Backless Bar stools
  • Contemporary Bar Stools

Chair Like Bar Stools

Chair like bar stools look like standard chairs with very long legs. They are not too stylish and they rarely ever swivel. These type of bar stools are designed for less social bars, like those where one simply sits and relaxes with one’s drink, spending the time. They can be used at social bars and for social experiences, but their clunky nature makes them less than ideal for that purpose.

Swivel Stools

Swivel stools are the opposite. These stools are made specifically for their social promotion. They provide the ability to move more freely and are often made with cushions to make getting on and off painless and easy.

Contemporary Bar Stool

Backless Bar Stools

Like Swivel stools, backless bar stools tend to be made with cushions and are easy to jump on and off, but they do not swivel quite so easily. This is a common type of stool for sports bars, where one still sits and watches the game but usually watches the game with friends rather than alone.

Contemporary Bar Stools

As bars become more than just a place to sit back with a drink and watch a game, contemporary bar stools have begun to see significant growth. Most commonly found at the high end bars, they tend to be a mixture of swivel and chair, made of some type of bright silver colored substance, and sometimes made with rounded backs or other types of unique design. These types of stools are also very popular in the home, where style is especially important.

One of the unique things about all barstools is that they need to be replaced often and are bought in bulk, so it is not difficult to find cheap bar stools online and around the city. They are good for bars, restaurants and the home and are a nice addition to anyone’s décor.