Your backyard bar can become YOUR BAR with the help of a little signage. Everyone can have a counter where they serve up a few drinks in their home, but not everyone takes the time to personalize this space to create their own unique serving environment.

Think about what makes your local pub a pub. Sure, there are the drinks, the bartender, the bar stools. These are all things that you may have in your home bar. The pub also has good friends and laughter. You can have that at home too. What they are beating you on is the unique look of a pub. They have great signage that lets everyone know this is a place to drink and enjoy.

Bartender Serving Drinks

Those signs not only cover up bare spaces on the wall but also set a theme for the establishment. Whether it's a 'Time flies when you're having rum.' pirate sign that gives an air of piracy to the room or an old 'Mulligan's Irish Pub' carved sign that looks as if it could have been imported from a centuries old pub, those signs add character.

What is the theme to your bar? Do you have a Tiki environment going, a sports bar? Maybe it's time to complete the look with a custom pub sign. While you can stick with many fun and traditional signs that are available on the market, if you want to take it one step further, you may want to look into completely custom pub signs. These can be made with your family name, or a cute quip that is an inside joke to you and your friends.