With the holiday season fast approaching, this time period will more than likely involve your fair share of wine drinking. Having the right wine glasses is therefore a must for entertaining guests, or even just general use. Saying this, different occasions might require different styles of wine glasses.

Traditional wine glasses?

  • Choose thin clear glass. This means you can appreciate the color of your wine, adding an elegant dimension to the experience.
  • Size of the Glass. Make sure your wine glasses are a sufficient size. If your glasses are too small, it is near impossible to make an 'swirling' action without spillage.
  • The Shape. It is a well known fact that glasses that a narrow towards the bottom not only look more pleasing to the eye - but are far better for releasing aromas when swirling the glass.
Red Wine Glass

Something a bit different?

Of course while the above advice would fit perfectly for the traditional wine drinkers out there. You would maybe prefer something a bit more fun and out of the ordinary?

There are many festive wine glasses out on the market with lots of interesting designs. A very popular modern style is the frosted wine glass effect. Another off the wall option is to purchase some personalized glasses, custom made for your particular needs.