If you are looking for both a fun and functional activity to do with friends or family, or you are hoping to create a personalized gift for a friend or loved one, one option is to create personalized painted wine glasses.

Painting wine glasses is easy, and the result will be a wine glass made by you that you can use to enjoy your delicious wine or other beverages whenever you like.

Paint your own wine glasses

In order to paint wine glasses, you first need clear, sturdy wine glasses with a decent amount of surface area (champagne glasses are likely not the best choice). Choose cheaper glasses so that you can start over if necessary without worrying about supply costs.

There is paint specifically designed for decorating glass. You can find this paint and local art supply stores. Be sure and get the primary paint colors (red, yellow, blue) and any other colors you want. You can always mix if necessary, but if you want to create a very clean finish you may want to purchase paint colors that are premixed.

The best way to paint on a wine glass is to design the artwork ahead of time on a white sheet of paper. After you have completed the design you want, clip it inside of the glass so that it shows through. By doing this, you can then paint over the outside of the glass and know exactly where the paint goes in order to complete your design. After you are done, you may want to outline the artwork so that the colors stand out better, as it can be difficult to make out some designs when the light shines through a bright glass with no contrasting colors.

White Wine Glass

If you are doing this with children, then no pre-made design may be necessary, though you will likely want many tiny brushes available in order to ensure that there are no accidents with the big brushes.

After you are finished, you will want to use the instructions on the paint can in order to find out how to dry it. Most paint will require a short time in the oven, which is why you always want to use sturdy glass that can stand the oven heat. Once the heating is done, keep the glass in the oven for several hours to allow it to cool down. Touching the glass can break both the glass and the paint.

Once you are done you will have the perfect personalized wine glasses for your family or to use as gifts.