Lager glasses are, as you would expect, glasses that are used to serve lager in. You’ll be able to get a great range of lager glasses for all homes and home bars, and would be well worth considering for anyone who has a love of lager.

Lager glasses, particularly pint glasses, have a very distinctive shape. They’re wider and taller than regular glasses and are shaped in such a way so as they get wider towards the rim of the glass. Half pint lager glasses are more difficult to spot as you can often serve other drinks in them as well, but they’ll usually have the half pint marked on them to indicate that that’s what they should traditionally be used for.

You can also get stemmed lager glasses, which look similar to wine glasses but have a much larger cup than they do stem. There’s also the option of lager tankards, perfect for people who really like a drink.

What's Your Style Of Glass?

As well as these types of lager glasses you can also get a whole range of styles, from simple designs to themed options or even monogrammed glasses. Monogrammed or engraved lager glasses make a great gift for all occasions, and are often given to men as birthday or Christmas gifts or even as best man mementos.

But, lager glasses can be just as useful in a home bar, with simpler designs being more appropriate for home use. As with most things, you can get lager glasses in various price ranges from budget options to something more expensive, and you’ll be able to get them from a whole range of places with department stores and supermarkets being just two of the options.

Monogrammed Beer Mugs

Of course, you don’t always have to have specific lager glasses if you want to serve lager. Regular glasses are often just as effective and there’s no reason why you can’t use them, but if you really want to make an impression on your guests, then investing in some proper lager glasses would definitely be recommended.

Lager glasses are ideal for all lager lovers and would be well worth investing in for anyone who has a home bar or even who simply entertains a lot. Having lager glasses will look a lot more professional than regular glasses, and guests are sure to be impressed by your extra attention to detail when you serve them their lager in proper glasses.