Last order’s bells are a common sight in pubs and bars the world over, signalling the time to finish your drink and be on your way. The sound is often dreaded by avid pub goers who hate knowing that it’s time to go, but it’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence in home bars as well.

A last orders bell is, more or less, a novelty item that’s sure to be appreciated in any home bar. It can add a bit of entertainment to the evening and is sure to raise a smile from whoever hears it. It’s a great addition to any party and is definitely something worth investing in.

Time Gentlemen, Please

A last orders bell is quite a unique item, and as such you have to be selective about where you look for it as you probably won’t be able to find one in your regular high street shop. It’s worth looking around for specialist bar supply stores, and it’s definitely an idea to look online as it’s here you’ll be able to find the best selection.

As with any item, last orders bells come in a whole host of price ranges, styles and designs. As such there’s bound to be a bell that’s appropriate to any style of room, and you should always consider what it’s going to look like at home.

Last Orders Bell

Last orders bells are usually made out of materials such as brass, and it’s worth considering what your potential bell is going to be made out of. However, as ever, there are always variations with cheaper alternatives often being available. Make sure to watch out for those made out of cheaper materials though, as you probably won’t get the same type of sound as those made from something more expensive.

Most last orders bells come complete with brackets to hang it easily onto the wall, and many come with the ringer being rope, but again there are always alternatives. Have a look around to see what’s out there and you’ll be able to get a better idea of what might work in your home.

Last orders bells are sure to be a great addition to any home bar and will be the perfect novelty item for parties. You could find yourself using it more often, for example to rally the troops for dinner, and it’s sure to be a talking point for anyone who sees it. Make sure to consider investing in a last orders bell for your home bar and you won’t be disappointed.