How many times have you laid eyes on an item that you didn't know existed? Now, how many times have you come across an item that despite this fact, you can no longer live without?

Welcome to the world of wineglass holders! This fun little item brings a whole new dimension of sophistication and usefulness to your party.

How so? Well let’s take a look at your typical gathering shall we?With larger groups, you can almost guarantee that many of your guests will remain standing while eating, drinking, and socializing. Great sign that everyone is having a good time right? Observe:

  • A plate in one hand and a glass in the other, there’s really no room left for utensils.
  • A guest approaches you to shake your hand but you hands are full.
  • If you set your drink down you risk getting it mixed up, picked up, or spilled.
Red Wine Glass

Enter the Solution

Enter the wine glass holder. Obvious name -practical and elegant solution. Depending on the type of gathering you have planned, there are many options available to you:

Casual - acrylic buffet-style plates with built-in stemmed glass holders. Benefit - Nearly unbreakable. A huge relief when the usual bumping, tripping, or accidents happen!

Formal - These are best described as wine glass plate clips. A metal or plastic clip designed to grab onto the plate and hold your wine glass firmly to the side. Benefit – Dying to show off your best plates? Here’s your chance! Toss on one of these clips and enjoy an instant and practical glass and place combination.

Outdoor - Metal wine holders designed to stick in the ground. Benefit- Now everyone can sit down at a picnic without worrying about the uneven ground tipping their glass. What a great way to relax!

Regardless which option you decide best meets your need, you must admit that wineglass holders bring a certain flair to your event. Besides, wouldn’t you prefer to spend your time entertaining rather than worrying about spilled drinks?