Close your eyes and picture your favorite place to stop for a cold one. What is the light that beacons you inside to have a pint? It's likely a neon beer light sign. It's colorful display lets you know as soon as you are in that door you will see a bar where that golden drink you have been longing for is waiting to be served up.

The neon beer light sign is a staple of bars and pubs everywhere. It is much like the light of a lighthouse that calls ships from sea, and calls a wayward worker in to rest and relax after a long day on the job. The neon beer light lets you know there are friendly waters, and flowing beers, ahead.

Neon bar lights first came around because they were economical. Unlike regular lights that can burn out time and time again, neon lights don't have filaments (the part that pops in your regular light bulb and causes it to burn out). This means once you have a neon bar light sign in place, it's going to be with you for a long time.

Neon Bar Sign

It doesn't hurt that neon lights are also colorful and more of an attention getter than a regular light bulb, as their job is to get people to see the bar and come inside.

It used to be that only real bars would put the investment into a neon bar light sign, but these days the prices have dropped so substantially, even your little home bar can have it's own neon beer light sign, that makes it seem less like a room in your home and more like your favorite pub.