It's likely if you have ever been to a fun bar in a fun town you have a souvenir plastic beer mug from that experience. Every time you see that mug, it reminds you of the good times you had while you were there, at least the ones you can remember. That's a pretty cool impact for a piece of plastic to have on you. So, why aren't you having that impact on your friends?

Whether you run a real bar or a small backyard bar, you can still have personalized plastic beer mugs. These are great pieces that you can order up for that special party. Think of giving out 'New Years '08 at Mike's Place' personalized plastic beer mugs to everyone as they arrive at your home for the party of the year. For the next year every time they see those mugs they will think of the fun they had, and hope you are having a repeat party.

Acrylic Glass

This doesn't just work for bars and home parties, but also for company events. If your company has an annual party, why use throwaway plastic cups when you could have personalized plastic beer mugs for everyone with the company name, and party date on them.

With the advancements in printing, there isn’t much you can't put on personalized plastic beer mugs. From photos to logos and lots of words, the limit is only how much you are willing to pay for additional points of personalization.