Being the place for the party doesn’t mean you have to be the place for all the glass washing. There is a point where you have to put away your glassware and pull out some disposable items. 

Think about it. If you have 30, 40, or 50 people coming over, do you even have enough glasses to serve them all up? If you do, do you really want to pull all those glasses down, have a few get broken over the course of the night, and then have to clean and dry all the rest?The only time you should have to pull all the glasses out of cabinets is when you are moving.

Instead, when this kind of party approaches, you need to invest in some plastic beer cups. The investment is relatively cheap. You can get a large stack of plastic beer cups for about the same price you are going to pay for a bottle of dish detergent to clean all those glasses.

Beer Mug

The savings in time is astronomically higher. Instead of washing and drying all those glasses, just pull out a black plastic bag, sweep them all into it, and you're done.

If you are worried about your carbon footprint, there are even biodegradable plastic beer cups these days, to make it easier to clean, while still being green.