Part of enjoying a good glass of scotch is making sure you capture the whole scotch drinking experience.

While you may have bottles of great scotch around, the drink will always taste better if you drink it out of the right kind of glass. Good scotch glasses are tulip shaped. The reason for this is because that particular shape in the glass will circulate the scents and of the whiskey when you take a drink, adding to the overall flavor sensation.

Some scotch drinkers dont do tulip glasses. For them, the better style of glass to use may be snifters or, if all else fails, tumblers. Just having the right scotch glasses isn't the whole key to getting the right taste. You should go for the overall experience.

First, enjoy the pouring of the scotch in the glass. Watch how it has a thicker consistency than many other spirits and clings to the side of the glass. Many use a little water to break down the thickness of the spirit.

Now smell the drink. The first part of tasting a drink is the aroma it gives off.

Drink and Money

Then take a sip. Let that small amount of whiskey slip from the scotch glass into your mouth and really taste the work that went into the spirit.

Now that you have enjoyed the subtle taste of your scotch, you can continue this method, or kick back and take a big swig, enjoying your spirit selection.