Square drinking glasses have been around for a while, but they became especially popular after a variation of the glasses was seen in the movie “Blade Runner” being used by its lead character, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford).

Square drinking glasses are not designed for functionality – they are simply a glass, like any other. They are designed for their look and feel. Most often they come in cocktail and highball glasses, and although not a contemporary design, these square drinking glasses tend to be found in more temporary locations.

The square shape of the glass allows for a few things that round glasses are less capable of. For starters, the square drinking glasses have flat edges that make the beverage inside more viewable. For very complicated beverages, where the colors inside of the drink are meant to be important, this can enhance their look and style.

Functions of the Square Drinking Glass

Although not originally designed for functionality, square drinking glasses do have many unique benefits due to their unusual shape. For starters, they are significantly easier to store, as the can easily be place next to each other without worrying that the glass may clank together and fall.

Woman Sipping Punch

In addition, the corners of the glass provide an easy drinking edge, so that the liquid inside falls straight into your mouth. Not everyone enjoys this edge, but for some it makes drinking slightly more enjoyable.

Finally, holding the glass now has two different options. Since the glass has flat edges, it is fairly easy to grip. But also, if the drinker does not want to warm their beverage, they can hold onto the corners. This allows the hand to touch far less surface area, making it less likely the drink will warm due to your body heat.

Square drinking glasses may not be much different than round drinking glasses, but they continue to be a popular form of glassware.