Having a great collection of your favorite wines can be a lot of fun, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that. But now that you’re finally growing your collection, have you given much thought as to where to store your ever growing mountain of bottles?

Many would automatically assume that a wine rack is optimal. However, you may have more options than you think. Wall mounted wine storage racks offer you a great alternative to the often space sapping floor racks and cabinets.

In addition, it can be quite nice to no longer have to concern yourself with tipped bottles and cabinets. Easy on the wallet, wall mounted storage is often more affordable than the small and decorative racks and bars many opt for.

Despite the cost saving, you are still afforded a wide range of shapes and sizes carrying as many or as few bottles of wine as you require.

Tell Me about My Options

There are many options available to you. For one, you may choose between a pre-assembled unit, or a do-it-yourself project. Should you select to turn this into a fun project for yourself, you will then have to decide between a pre-packaged kit that comes ready to build, or purchasing the supplies yourself for the ultimate in customization.

What colors or materials should I use?

Depending on the style of your home, go with the color you like best. The material should be a sturdy wood or a metal of your choice. Of course you can find examples with every combination of wood, metal, glass and leather imaginable, so don’t rush your decision until you’ve found something that you will like today, tomorrow and down the road.

Red Wine Glass

Where should it go?

A cellar, basement, or pantry room would be the best location to store wine. The temperature must remain cool and constant at all times to preserve aroma and flavors in each bottle. The wine should be placed away from direct sunlight and will do best in a darker area.

Make sure the wall you choose to mount it on is capable of withstanding the added weight of the bottles. A sturdy wall and mount should be used of course, as even a wall that seems to be ok for the time being, can give under the constant weight.

If you are an avid wine drinker then assembling a wall mounted storage rack may be a pleasure. It adds a stylish touch to any home and is always a pleasure to show family and friends the fruits of your labor. It’s a project to be proud of and gives you peace of mind knowing that your collection is safe.