Sure you've heard of the little black dress, but that's not the only style of cocktail dress that is going to make you look smashing at your next cocktail party.As a matter of fact, right now, black and white cocktail dresses are in.

The current fashion trends are for retro style and old Hollywood glamour. It's a flash back to the time of black and white movies.With the return of that fashion style comes the return of black and white contrasting pieces in the wardrobe.

The idea with the black and white cocktail dress is not to be flashy and full of flair, but to offer a sophisticated, while minimalist, chic appearance.

Black and White Cocktail Dress

When looking for cocktail dresses to fit this trend, it's time to look back in time. Think of what the starlets in the 40's and 50's would have been wearing. Want to look like Doris Day? Go ahead!This is the style of dresses that are in and will make you look like you are up on your fashion trends.

You may be wondering how you are going to make a splash at the party if you are wearing just a simple black and white cocktail dress. First, it doesn't have to be simple. Just in the fact that black and white are contrasting colors, you can depart from simple, and go with sharp.Next, think jewelry. Jewelry, shoes, belts and other accessories are the key to making your dress, and overall look, a one of a kind. Sure there were probably a number of the same dress on the store rack, but once you add your personal touches, through accessories, you have created a style that is all your own.