Evening dresses are usually worn on very formal occasions. They are longer than cocktail dresses and most other party dresses, though they occasionally have slits to show off the woman’s legs. Some of these dresses are “frilly” – with bottoms that either slightly puff out or bend outwards, though many are simply straight down in their fabric.

Though these dresses tend to show less skin, they are still meant to appear sexy. There tend to be cuts above the waist meant to emphasize the wearer’s chest and shoulders, with thin straps so as to show more skin around the arm and neck.

These dresses are also designed to be tight around the stomach just above the waist, so as to be both flattering and slimming.


Because these gowns are most often worn to formal events, exaggerated evening dress patterns are generally frowned upon. Occasionally one will see a floral pattern that still manages to keep its formal elegance, or a textured dress of single colors, but in general most of these dresses are block colored or a mixture of two colors (with one being significantly more muted than the primary color).

Pink Holiday Dress

However, unlike other dresses worn to parties and gatherings, with evening dresses there are no color limitations. In fact, often the color of the dress is how women express themselves in their dresses. While evening dress patterns may be limited, these colors are worn so freely that the dresses still appear very extravagant and unique.

In addition, to make up for the lack of patterns, many women accessorize their dresses with scarves and decorative jewelry to add more of a design element to their look.

Although evening dress patterns may be lacking, evening dresses themselves are all unique, and designers come out with new styles and designs daily to meet the needs of women everywhere.