“Hen Parties” are better known as the “Girls night out.” It is a time for women to enjoy time together, drinking and partying with no men allowed. Sometimes the term “Hen Party” refers to a bachelorette party, but it can be used to describe any girls night out event.

These nights generally revolve around doing activities you wouldn’t normally do with men around. It is the adult version of truth or dare, using what is known as dares and forfeits that the party goers have to participate in. These are generally written on cards and either the bachelorette or all of the guests are expected to draw a card and do whatever the card says – this is the “dare."

Since not everyone will do a “dare” there must be punishments that are worse than the dare itself. These are known as forfeits. These should always be far more extreme than the dares in order to ensure that the individual either does the dare or risks greater embarrassment.

Here are some forfeit ideas for your next hen night:

Part Girl
  • Give the quietist guy in the room a kiss on the cheek (or elsewhere).
  • Sing the entire “You Are So Beautiful” song to a stranger on the street – even if the stranger tries to walk away, you must follow them and complete the song or it does not count and you have to start over.
  • Spend one hour walking around the bar with someone’s panties on their head or outside their pants.
  • Call someone you liked when you were younger that did not know and confess.
  • Karaoke a “Gangster Rap” single.
  • Take a “Blow Job” from the cutest guy in the room (A “Blow Job” is an alcoholic shooter made with chocolate and coffee liquor that rests between a man’s legs - The drinker needs to drink the shot without using her hands).
  • Drink a vile alcohol combination (when creating the forfeit cards, the individual should think of the most horrible tasting shooter mixing beverages that do not taste good together and require that one of the forfeits is that the individual drinks the entire beverage – if any is left over, they need to drink another one).