Hen nights are often seen as being the last chance to get wild and raucous before a more sedate married life begins. As such, hen night dares are commonplace and are a great way for everyone involved to really let their hair down and enjoy the night.

Hen night dares can be alcohol related or otherwise, but are always mischievous and a whole lot of fun. Hen night dares usually involve bottles or spinners to decide who’s going to get the dare, and there are a huge number of dares that can be tried depending on your level of inhibition. Many hens bring ready-made dare cards with them (these can often be found at any specialist party store or you can make your own), or, if it’s more spontaneous, simply think up dares as you go along – they’re sure to get more raucous the more alcohol is consumed!

Here are just a few ideas for hen night dares that are sure to get the party started.

Hen Night Girls
  • See if you can blag a free drink from the barman – ideas for how to go about this can be added to the dare.
  • Approach a stranger and pretend that you’ve known them for years and reminisce about old times.
  • Persuade a man to buy you drink, or for the slightly more daring, go up to a man carrying a few drinks back from the bar, take one and just say “Cheers!”
  • Down your drink without stopping. Or, for a variation, the bride-to-be can choose their favourite song before the night begins and every time that song is played the whole group has to finish their drink as quickly as possible.
  • Find a married couple and ask them for sex advice – the person who suggests the dare can think of things as embarrassing as possible to ask.
  • Do a pre-determined dance every time a specific song starts to play.
  • Get the phone number of or kiss a man whose name begins with a certain letter – bonus points to people who can go the furthest through the alphabet!
  • Remove an item of clothing (preferably underwear) without leaving the room.
  • Make a list of certain items and see who can get the most by the end of the night. They could be things like a beer mat, bus ticket, shot glass, or things more daring such as underwear.
  • Stand in a public place, preferably on a chair or table, as a living statue for as long as possible. The rest of the party can decide what you should imitate.

These dares are perfect for hen nights, or indeed for any other party where you really want to let your hair down. These are by no means the most raucous out there and there are sure to be plenty more that you can think of – let your imagination run wild and see how far your hen night dares can go!