Hen nights were traditionally a way for the bride-to-be and her closest friends to celebrate the upcoming marriage and to wave goodbye to single life. They used to be relatively sedate affairs that often only lasted one evening, usually the night before the wedding.

However, as hen nights have increased in popularity so have the imaginative ways to celebrate them, with hen weekends as opposed to simple hen nights being more and more common. And, rather than simply celebrating in one night in the UK, having hen parties abroad are becoming increasingly popular.

Hen parties abroad are a great way to really celebrate the occasion, and offer the perfect excuse for a fun girly holiday. Because hen parties abroad often last longer than just one night it gives the party the perfect chance to celebrate more than once, and any type of event can be enjoyed. Being abroad can also release inhibitions and can make the hen night even more raucous than it would be in the UK.

Girl Sipping Cocktail on Beach

Hen parties abroad are often particularly alcohol-fuelled, and many parties take the opportunity to dress up in themed clothing to let the locals know just what they’re celebrating. They might have t-shirts or tops with photos of the bride, or customised sashes and L-plates.

Many hen nights, or hen weekends, can be arranged by the party planner alone, or they can get help from companies that specialise in planning hen weekends abroad. These companies will be able to help you choose your ideal destination, and will often be able to give hints and tips of the best places to go and even activities to try.

There are plenty of places that you can go to enjoy hen parties abroad, with some countries being more accommodating to hen parties than others. It’s a good idea to do your research first just to check you won’t be offending anyone, but most places are sure to be welcoming. Popular places to go for hen weekends include Barcelona, Madrid, Budapest, Krakow, Prague, Malaga, Marbella, Valencia and Warsaw, to name but a few. Obviously you’ll want to tailor your holiday to what you and your party are looking for, whether you’re after a beach holiday or something city-based with plenty of bars.

Wherever you decide to go, having a hen party abroad would be well worth considering. It will give everyone involved an experience that they’ll remember for a lifetime, and is the perfect way to bond all the hens together and give them something that they’ll never forget.