When you’re about to go out with the girls, you want to make sure you both look and feel confident, and exhibit the fun you hope to have.

Rest assured that finding hen party wear may be the easiest type of gathering to dress for, but even so, you want to make sure that you follow these simple rules:

  • Skin
  • Heels
  • Color
  • Accessories


You should be showing skin. This is not your grandmother’s party. You are not in a convent. This is when you are about to go wild with the girls, with the eyes of every guy on you. Skin is sexy and skin exhibits confidence. Short skirts or short cocktail dresses are a must.


Worry about your calluses some other day. By the time the morning comes, you’ll probably forget you ever had foot pain. You and the girls are going to be dressed your absolute sexiest, and that should include every part of your body from your hair to your toes.


Although a sleek black dress is always appropriate, you also may want to consider block feminine colors. Purpose, light blue, white, pink – anything that is distinctly feminine and gets other people’s attention. Patterns can be acceptable, but only in moderation.


This is more optional. You are showing a lot of skin, so yes, feel free and wear a necklace or earring or two (though it would be best not to wear large hoops in case you and your friends are stumbling around at the end of the night), but accessories are not limited to jewelry alone. This is a crazy night. Feel free and jazz it up with devil horns or cat ears. Maybe get the bachelorette a tiara.

Hen Night Girls

Dress the Bachelorette First!

One word of warning when planning what to wear for a hen party – always, always, always find out what the bachelorette is wearing first. This is her night, and you do not want to either a) wear the same thing as her, or b) completely overshadow her. Knowing what she is wearing will help you pick out your own style without worrying about the consequences.