Mocktail parties are, quite simply, cocktail parties but without the alcohol. They serve mock cocktails instead of regular cocktails, or mocktails, which are in their simplest form virgin cocktails. There are a number of mocktail recipes being available so there’s no shortage of drinks to serve, and thanks to the increasingly health conscious nature of the population mocktail parties are becoming more and more popular.

Now, to some people, mocktail parties may sound like some kind of nightmare. A party without alcohol? What are they thinking?! But in fact, mocktail parties can be just as popular and as successful as other parties.

A lack of alcohol doesn’t mean a lack of fun, as any ardent tee-totaller will tell you. Mocktails are also a lot healthier than regular cocktails, largely thanks to the absence of any alcohol but also because of the higher fruit juice content that is often found in many mocktails. This health benefit is even more impressive if you use freshly squeezed juices as you’re really getting all of the nutrients.


Dig Out The Recipe Books

For a mocktail party to be successful, you need to make sure that you have a great selection of mocktail on offer. This shouldn’t be a problem, as many mocktails can simply be made by making the regular cocktail but without the alcohol. There are, of course, a whole range of specific mocktail recipes to choose from, many of which having extra juices or soda to counteract the lack of alcohol.

You’ll be able to find, or even create your own, mocktails of any classic cocktail recipe. There are virgin pina colada recipes, mocktail margaritas and even non-alcoholic bellinis, with sodas being used to give the taste of alcohol but without the effects.

In order to throw the best mocktail party, you’ll need to warn your guests in advance. Don’t invite them to a party and then tell them once they get there that no alcohol is to be consumed – despite the health conscious nature of many people, mocktail parties might not catch on with everyone! But, if you tell them in advance, they’ll be able to prepare themselves and can hopefully get sued to the idea before they actually get there.

Mocktail parties can be particularly successful at family events where there are going to be a lot of children, or you can even throw a mocktail birthday party for older teenagers to make them feel like they’re having a proper adult party before they’re allowed to drink.

Mocktail parties can be a great alternative to traditional parties, and with the huge selection of mocktails available there’ll be no shortage of drinks to serve. They can be particularly suited to certain events, and are sure to go down well for anyone who wants to enjoy themselves without the after-effects of alcohol.