Right then, we've done a load of hen night guides, now here's one for the men. It's that one night that is important to get right - The Infamous Stag Night. It's crucial that if your planning the stag night activities that you have everything organized and ready to go, otherwise it could turn into a complete disaster.

To get the party rolling, it's a great idea to get stuck into some good old fashioned drinking games - simply because everybody loves a good drinking game. Of course you could take a look through our games collection - or you could try;

Stag Night Man

The Stag Night Game

Our chosen stag night game is Anchor Man. The game starts by 2 teams sitting opposite each other on a table. Each team should have a pull pitcher of beer and each member of the teams has a quarter/2 pence piece. Somebody flip heads or tails to see which team starts off. The first team have to take it in turns to flip their coin into the opponents pitcher, one by one. Then the second team does the same.

The winning team is the team that gets all their coins in the opposite pitcher and the losing team has to down the full contents their pitcher. The winning team must pick a Anchor Man from the losing team. The anchor man's job is to finish however much beer is left in the pitcher after all the rest of the team have downed their bit - so they decide how much to leave for the anchor man. Our suggestion? The Stag should go as anchor man more than a few times! Enjoy.