The Bachelor party is the man’s last day to do whatever he wants before he is held accountable to someone for the rest of his life. There is a reason that most men choose to spend their last free day at strip clubs or heavily drinking, since they know that the next day they must refrain from all of those behaviors forever.

Still, the strip club is not for everyone, and for those people holding a stag night that want to do some games with their friends, you need to come up with some stag night party games that are going to be memorable enough to stick with the man for the rest of his life.

Games for your Stag Night

Drinking Games

Coming up with as many drinking games as you can is a good way to help the bachelor enjoy the night. But drinking games are a dime a dozen, and you want something that is unique to bachelorhood. One idea is to have the groom write down the first names of every woman he has ever slept with (or dated, if you prefer to be more appropriate or want a longer list) on a piece of paper. Then, as a group, you ask the women at a bar or club their names. If their name is the same as one of the names on the paper, everyone in the party takes a drink.

Gambling For Alcohol

Everyone likes gambling. Hold a gambling event, complete with Poker, Craps and whatever other games you can bring to your house. But instead of cashing in the chips for cash or prizes, the chips are cashed in for alcohol. More chips mean a better drink. Since it is a party, though, always give out more chips if a person runs out.

I Never/I Did

Every guy knows the “I never” game. You say something you didn’t do (usually with regards to sexual behavior), and everyone that did it takes a drink. However, since this is the last game for the groom, he needs to open up to his guests and say an “I did” – e.g. say a place where he DID make love to someone – and everyone that also did needs to take a drink. In order to get the groom to drink more, the rest of the guests can continue with the standard “I never.”