When you are with your friends celebrating a man’s last moments of freedom, the games you play need to be something that the bachelor cannot do when he is married.

This can be tough for some people to conceive. For example, a night of beer pong may seem like a fun game, but who is to say you cannot play beer pong as a married man? You need to come up with games that are designed in such a way that there is no way the man could do them once he gets married, so that he will remember the night as his last night of singlehood for years to come.

Stag Party Games

The “Hottest in the Bar” Game

Go to a crowded bar or club and have the men break off individually and write down a full description of the most attractive woman they find at the bar. After 15 minutes of searching, the men compare their answers. If anyone had the same answer as someone else, they have to buy the other person a drink. If someone has the description of a woman that no one else has, that person has to buy the woman a drink.

Law and Order

If you want to tone down the night, you can do the Law and Order drinking game. With this game, you rent any of the three Law and Order series’. You then take a shot every time they say the word “Look.” You may want to take just half a shot instead, as you’d be surprised how often that comes up in each episode.

You’re Not Married Yet

In addition to any games you may play, you can always play the “You’re not married yet” side game. The whole point of a stag party is to temporarily allow to bachelor to act as though he is not married. As such, talking about the wedding or his future bride is a no. Any time he mentions either:

a) His fiancé’s first name (or the term “wife” or “girlfriend”)

b) His wedding

Everyone, including the bachelor, has to take a shot. This will either help prevent him from talking about his marriage the whole night, or get everyone at the party very drunk very quickly.

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