While it's great to have long and lovely legs, not all dresses are made for ladies who are exceptionally tall.

If you are over 5'9 and have gone cocktail dress shopping, you've realized how difficult it can be to find the perfect dress for the occasion and not look like you are trying to show off too much skin. Longer cocktail dresses sit too high and look awkward. Shorter ones look like you are trying to wear a mini-skirt. So, what's the solution?

Tall Cocktail Dress

The first solution, that had been used for many years, was to purchase the longer version dress, take it to a tailor and have them hem it up where it becomes a shorter dress, of respectable length, for a taller lady.

Over time, the fashion word started to understand the plight of the taller woman and begin creating dresses that were specifically mood for those who were taller than average.

Now instead of having to settle for a dress that was not made for their height, and having to alter it to 'make it work', there is a wide selection of dresses that have been made proportionally perfect for those taller than average bodies.