• 2 measures of Gin
  • 1/2 measure of Dry Vermouth
  • Garnish of Olive


The Dry Martini has got to be the ultimate cocktail. This classic recipe is loved the world over and was immortalised by James Bond, and is famed for its crisp, dry taste and surprisingly simple recipe.

There are many ways to enjoy a Dry Martini, some with different garnishes, others with different quantities of liqueur and some “Shaken, not stirred”. But, for the classic and traditional recipe, read on.

To make the classic Dry Martini, simply put the liqueurs into a cocktail shaker and stir vigorously with ice until fully mixed. To make it the traditional way it’s important to stir the cocktail rather than shake it, unless, of course, you’re looking for the James Bond version. Once the mixture has been stirred thoroughly, strain and pour into chilled Martini glasses. Serve with an olive garnish to finish.

This is the classic way to enjoy a dry Martini, although as ever there are certain variations. Different quantities of gin and vermouth can be experimented with to find your ideal taste, and a lemon twist is often used as a garnish instead of a green olive. A splash of orange bitters can be added as well to give a unique taste, but above all it’s down to personal preference and finding the combination that’s right for you.

The Dry Martini is a classic cocktail that should definitely be tried at home, and because it’s so simple there’s no reason not to. Bring out your inner Bond and make sure to give it a go.